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Verbs with Fixed Prepositions

Click on Verbs with Fixed Prepositions to see these verbs used in sample sentences in all the tenses, the indicative, imperative and subjunctive. Then translate the following sentences into German.
Write the answers on a sheet of paper, or in the blanks included for your convenience. This is not a self-correcting exercise; you must use the answer key to check your work.

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1. Are you afraid of the future?

2. They have always been afraid of animals.

3. I shall never be afraid of him again.

4. If I were afraid of you, you would never know it.

5. She had never been afraid of that.

6. If she had been afraid of that, she would have said so.

7. Please don't be afraid of me.

8. The people were afraid of them.

9. If you did that, the people would be afraid of you.

10. He is annoyed about my mistake.

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11. If I were annoyed about your mistake, I would tell you.

12. My parents were annoyed about it when I told them.

13. Will your parents be annoyed about it when you tell them?

14. Please stop crying.

15. When will the noise stop?

16. I wish the children would stop quarrelling.

17. Their daughter asked them for a new bicycle.

18. If she had asked for a new bicycle, they would have bought it for her.

19. If he thought of it, he would ask for a new bicycle.

20. What will you ask for?

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21. We had already thought about it when he asked about it.

22. Oh, Mom and Dad, please don't think about that.

23. If you went away, she would think of you often.

24. He's always asking about my girlfriend.

25. Our neighbor asked about our parents.

Verbs with Fixed Prepositions  

26. Do you think they will ask about it?

27. Why were you asking about that?

28. If they had asked about it, I would have said nothing.

29. Who is looking forward to the last day of class?

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30. They always looked forward to their vacations.

31. We will look forward to your next visit.

32. If they could come, we would look forward to their visit.

33. They are very happy about the birth of the new baby.

34. They were very happy about it.

35. They will be very happy about the birth.

36. They would be very happy about it.

37. They would have been very happy about it.

38. Father was always interested in music.

39. Will they be interested in this new song?

40. We had been interested in his work before we met him.

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41. If I had been interested in it, I would have asked about it.

42. Don't wait for them too long.

43. We waited for the train.

44. He waited a long time for the answer.

45. We had been waiting for the train for an hour when it arrived.

46. If you had told me when it was supposed to arrive, I would have waited for your train.

47. If they waited longer, they would be late.

48. I shall be waiting for you!

49. What were you waiting for?

50. For whom were you waiting ?


Verbs with Fixed Prepositions

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