Lektion 1

Review basic grammar & vocabulary.

  • present tense
    nominative case
    gender & plural of nouns

Review basic vocabulary.

  • numbers

An die Freude
Read and write about Beethoven.

Write an essay introducing yourself.

Lektion 2

Review accusative case.

  • definite and indefinite articles
    weak masculine nouns
    accusative personal pronouns

Review imperative mood.

  • regular verbs
    stem-vowel changing verbs
    sein, lassen

Review & expand vocabulary relating to housing & household objects.

Schock den Affen
Read and write about Peter Gabriel.

Write an essay about your dwelling.

Lektion 3

Review possessive adjectives.

Review use of wissen v. kennen.

Review & expand vocabulary relating to family.

Review word order in simple, compound & complex sentences.

Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt
Read and write about Schubert.

Write an essay about your family.

Lektion 4

Review dative case.

  • definite & indefinite articles
    dative pronouns
    dative prepositions
    dative verbs

Review and enlarge vocabulary relating to clothing and shopping, parts of the body.


Read an article about the fashion industry in Germany, and write about it.
Write an essay about your wardrobe.

Lektion 5

Review and enlarge vocabulary relating to body and health.

Review reflexive pronouns, reflexive verbs.

Review prepositions with the dative or accusative.

Ein Tag am Meer, Die fantastischen Vier

Read and write about a German spa.

Write an essay about how you take care of yourself when you are ill.

Lektion 6


  • present perfect tense
    time expressions, calendar
    use of prepositions seit and vor.

Er ist's

Read and write about Eduard Mörike.

Write an essay about your weekly schedule.

Lektion 7

Review genitive case.
Review adjective endings.
Learn to use verbs as nouns and modifiers.
Review comparatives and superlatives.

Gruppe aus dem Tartarus

Read an article about Friedrich Schiller and answer questions about it.

Review and expand vocabulary relating to restaurant dining.

Write an essay about your favorite restaurants.

Lektion 8

Review the simple past tense.

Learn how to use relative pronouns.

Die Moritat von Mackie Messer


Essay: Beschreiben Sie, wie Sie einen guten Freund oder eine gute Freundin kennen lernten.

Lektion 9

Practice simple past tense forms.

Become acquainted with the subjunctive: polite requests


Essay: Wie war es im Sommer, als Sie Kind waren?

Lektion 10

Learn more dative expressions.

Learn about the many ways to use the verb werden.

Learn about pre-noun inserts, and how to transform them into relative clauses.

Sei Mir Gegrüßt

Essay: Schreiben Sie über "Sei Mir Gegrüßt" als echt romantisches Kunstwerk.

Lektion 11

Learn about the subjunctive mood.


Essay: Wie wäre es, wenn Sie heute Geburtstag hätten?

Lektion 12

Review and expand idiomatic usage of prepositions.

Review passive voice and passive substitutes.

Überlegen, Zentrifugal

Essay: Beschreiben Sie, wie Ihre Spezialität gekocht wird.