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Lektion Zwei

Ziele (Goals)
  1. Grammar: Review accusative case.
  2. Grammar: Review imperative mood:  regular verbs, stem-vowel changing verbs, sein, lassen.
  3. Wortschatz: Review and expand vocabulary relating to housing & household objects.
  4. Speaking: Dialog 2.
  5. Listening and Reading:  Schock den Affen, Peter Gabriel.
  6. Writing: Write an essay about your house, apartment or room.
Grammatik & Wortschatz (Grammar & Vocabulary)
Ziel 1: Review Accusative Case
  1. ReadAn Explanation of Case” up to “Prepositions taking either Accusative or Dative.” Memorize the patterns for the nominative and accusative cases from the chart of cases.
  2. Click on the link “Pronouns in German” and read it through, up to the heading “Relative Pronouns.” Do the exercises on the accusative case linked to the page. 
  3. Practice with these exercises:

    "der"-Wörter im Nominativ & Akkusativ
    Schwaches Maskulinum

    Negation with "
    Accusative Pronouns
    Kennen, Akkusativ, Pronomina
    Prepositions with the Accusative 
    Accusative Case (Quia)
Ziel 2: Review imperative mood.
  1. Read Hyde Flippo's page on the imperative and do the linked exercise.
  2. The University of Exeter has an excellent page on the imperative. Dartmouth website has excellent explanations of different ways of expressing the imperative. Neither site has exercises, however.
  3. The Beatles' Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand has models of the use of the imperative and of the accusative. Do the five exercises linked to the bottom of the page.
Ziel 3. Housing and Household Objects.
  1. You'll find many exercises to choose from in's list of resouces relating to Haus und Heimat (House and Home).
  2. Wortschatz: Haus und Hof
  3. Die Küche. Pass the mouse over the picture to learn the names of the things in the kitchen. Then complete the quiz.
  4. Wortschatz: Möbel. This is a good resource to print out, to make flash cards and to learn or review basic vocabulary. 
Ziel 4. Dialog Zwei
  1. YouTube Video: Ein Mann filmt seine neue Wohnung in Shanghai.
  2. Gudruns neue Wohnung. Read and practice the dialogue aloud and do the exercises.
Hören, Lesen, Schreiben
Listening Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, Culture, Reading and Writing
Ziel 5. Listening

Schock den Affen

Listen to the song while following the text three times a day for three days,
then as much as you want to, with or without the lyrics.

  • Listen to the song while reading the text.
  • Read through the lyrics and compare the German version with the English version. How are they the same? How are they different? Peter Gabriel has said this song was inspired by feelings of jealousy. Does knowing this help you make sense of the lyrics?
  • Write down as many examples of the imperative (command or suggestion form) as you can.
    Try to write down sets of imperative verb + direct object. Notice the verb form, and the form of the direct object.
  • Listen to the song again, while reading the text and listening for those verbs and direct objects. 
  • At the bottom right of the page, you will see a link to the Webübung. Read the article about Peter Gabriel and answer the questions with complete sentences in German. Click here to send the answers to your teacher.
On the home page of German for Music Lovers are links to several on-line dictionaries you may use for reading assignments.
Sich Ausdrücken: Wie ich wohne
Ziel 6. Schreiben

This exercise will improve your ability to talk about your surroundings.  Performing the various steps of the exercise will also improve your ability to use the first, second and third person forms of verbs. Imitate the model, substituting information about your home or room. Use your answers to put together a (minimum) 60-word essay. 

Unser Haus ist ein Einfamilienhaus nicht weit vom Stadtzentrum.
Das Haus hat vier Schlafzimmer, zwei Badezimmer, ein Studierzimmer, ein Wohnzimmer, ein Familienzimmer, ein Eßzimmer, und eine Küche. Es hat zwei kleine Gärten, vor und hinter dem Haus.

Das Haus ist alt, schon 81 Jahre alt, und aus Holz. Weil das Haus so alt ist, muß immer etwas repariert werden. Die Zimmerdecken sind sehr hoch, 3 Meter vom Fußboden. Der Fußbodenbelag ist auch aus Holz.

Die Küche ist groß. Da gibt es viele Hausgeräte: Kühlschrank, Herd, Spülmaschine, Waschbecken, Mikrowellenherd, natürlich, aber auch eine Waschmaschine und einen Trockner. 

Unsere Familie ist groß, und dieses bequeme, alte Haus gefällt uns gut. (103 Wörter)


Read others’ entries on the Schwarzes Brett.  Summarize the submissions of two classmates.